Best Car Dash Cam Brands

Attaching a dash cam to your car isn’t just for capturing footage of your car in any accidents. The footage can be used in the unfortunate event of an insurance claim and can even help lower premiums. So having the best dash cam in your vehicle has never been more important.

Best Car Dash Cams Brands


Garmin’s car dash cams are all about convenience. Some of them come with no display at all. Moreover, they rarely require any batteries. As for transferring videos and data, you can do it through a wireless connection.


Thinkware’s best car dash cams have always been featured among the best options out there. They shoot in high quality and can bring in professional night vision. Safety features and the lack of displays are just as attractive.


Nextbase has always been about simplicity and innovation. For instance, some cameras come with smart magnetic mounts. They are compact and can easily fit behind a rear view mirror – no fancy bells and whistles.

There are top brands in this market, however, there are many products which are more suitable depends on your pocket. See some below.

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