Git Cheat Sheet

This is a simple Git cheat sheet. Most usage Git command lines are included.

Basic workflow

git initcreate new repository
git clone /path/to/repositoryclone local repository
git clone [email protected]:/path/to/repositoryclone remote repository
git add <filename>add changes of a file
git add *add all changes
git rm <filename>delete a file
git commit -m *<comment>*commit changes
git push origin nasterpush changes to remote repository
git remote add origin <server>connect local repository to remote one
git pullupdate local repository with remote one


git branchList all local branches
git branch -aList remote and local branches
git checkout -b <branch_name>Create a new local branch and switch to it
git checkout <branch_name>Switch to a branch
git push origin <branch_name>Push a branch to remote
git branch -m <new_brand_name>Rename a branch
git branch -d <branch_name>Delete a local branch
git push origin <branch_name>Delete a remote branch

Clean up

git clean -fDelete all untracked files
git clean -dfDelete all untracked files and directories
git checkout -- .Undo local modifications to all files
git reset HEAD <filename>Unstage a file


git stash save "<stash_name>" && git stashSave changes to a stash
git stash listList all available stashes
git stash popDelete a stash from the list


git log --onelineShow commit history in single lines
git log -10Show commit history for last 10 commits
git log -p -10Show commit history for last 10 commits with diff
git diffShow all local file changes in the working tree
git diff <filename>Show changes made to a file
git blame <filename>Show who modified a file
git remote show originShow remote branches and their mapping to local

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