HTML Table Example

Examples of data in HTML table formats.

First Name City State Postcode
Alba West Bartholome Illinois 57459-6163
Richard Johnathanville Texas 27939-2039
Alvina Fionashire Nebraska 90810
Malinda South Earlinebury Pennsylvania 05631
Ludie Brycenshire North Carolina 70752
Chanelle South Jonatanmouth Kansas 38336-7880
Domenica Hoegerstad Nevada 57902
Ettie Sawaynport Kentucky 13832-9913
Maryse North Biankaview Kansas 25030
Antonietta Maddisonview Wisconsin 19820
Dandre Carterhaven New Jersey 35500-6700
Rowena New Hilbert Washington 01727
Jovani Port Shanie Vermont 89067-8203
Domenick East Ayanaland North Dakota 59768
Elta East Idaton North Dakota 77820
Karl South Sageside Connecticut 59008
Laney West Amie Virginia 74734-6142

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