HTML Table Example

Examples of data in HTML table formats.

First Name City State Postcode
Albina Turnerton Hawaii 89686
Magali New Dewaynestad Florida 08868
Nikki Osinskifort California 95524-2311
Nolan Philiphaven South Carolina 89425
Ruben Mabelleport Alaska 21259
Hilario West Laila Iowa 29663-3268
Novella Faustofort Maryland 79933-5749
Gregoria Davidhaven Texas 34109
Maxwell Wunschchester New Hampshire 01458-8179
Cole Predovictown Maine 64686
Henri Klingburgh New Jersey 26972-1355
Jules East Rose Pennsylvania 02295-4429
Daija Herminiaview Florida 75366
Fannie Adahhaven Tennessee 99930-5279
Rodger East Sisterchester Illinois 64814-1538
Libby Schmidtfurt New York 18008-9330
Marianne Lake Cornell Florida 74112-1104
Miracle Jarrodtown Virginia 54452-9035

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